B2B Lead Generation Service

Lead Generation/List Building

A customer persona is a representation of your customer. Based on market research and real data from your existing customers. This is the person you are creating your product or service for.

Your website has to speak to them in a way that means something to them and makes a connection. But that can only happen when you know exactly who they are and what they are looking for. Developing a buyer persona allows you to convey a more tailored message through your website. This is why we create a customer persona to remove the ambiguity from the situation.

Outreach Automation

We manage your outbound campaigns and support you to develop, launch and manage a strategic outreach to ensure your message/email reached the right prospects. As a result, you will get booked meetings for your sales team.

CRM Cleansing

Up to 40% of your CRM data erodes each year, meaning every B2B organization must have a solution to replace contacts who have switched jobs. Our software analyses your CRM to pinpoint eroded leads which can, in turn, be replaced with fresh data.

Email A/B Testing

We’ll manage email copywriting and A/B testing to push up results.

Our Working process

Step 1: Provide us all your prospects targeting criteria, list, fields & requirements

Step 2: We start researching, identifying and authenticating your ideal and qualified prospects

Step 3: Within 72 hours get your data list with all the prospect details you need