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Our Google Ads service is helping companies around the globe to increase their leads, sales, brand visibility and with affordable cost.

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PPC Visitors Purchases 50%
More Products Than Organic Visitors

Out of many people who would usually find their way to your website, those are valuable whom you can offer what exactly they were searching. Undoubtedly, our agency will provide your website with a well-planned and well-executed search engine optimization strategy; it will also ensure that your website follows the #1 way to acquire drive-targeted and ready-to-buy traffic. Our PPC idea allows you to choose which exact terms to bid on, locations to target (if your business has a specific geographic area), and website pages to send that traffic to. No other marketing or advertising strategy that provides this level of control for gathering ideal customers onto your doorstep is better than our company.

PPC Keyword Research Reports “Buyer Intent”

The sole purpose of PPC keyword research is to identify the exact keywords that demonstrate clear “buyer intent,” which is generally the intent to choose and buy relatively soon. To understand it better, if a food-lover wants to search on Google by typing “Restaurants near me,” that means he/she shows clear intent to choose and buy. The fascinating aspect is that several dozen of these kinds of “buyer intent” keywords across every industry we can imagine, and we’re experts at determining and identifying them and targeting them for you.



It is Possible to Reach as Much as 80%
in Brand Awareness by Pay Per Click Ads

One of the most significant things to you as a businessman is DISTINCTION, also familiar as “brand awareness.” If people fail to identify your business specifically, it is very difficult to acquire customers for your business. This difficulty is the cause why businesses are always ready to spend so much cash to bring awareness to their brand. Though there are tons of ways to build brand awareness, the best is to make sure your brand repeatedly appears in search results for the specific terms your ideal customers are searching for. Researchers conducted an interesting study consisting of 72 artificial search experiments, and it involved 1500 U.S. and non-U.S. consumers. The study reported an increase of 85% in top-of-mind brand awareness.

Furthermore, the brand names of the businesses appearing in the ads improved even when users didn’t click their ads. If your customers see your company/business name attached to a specific industry, it can simply create an “Important Touch” in the mind of your ideal customers. This idea will pay money afterward when they see your brand name repeatedly through your other marketing and advertising strategies.

How PPC Increases the Distinction of Your Company

The ideal real estate for businesses is the first page of Google Search, where the best organic results and ads are shown. This place is also the sole witness for lawfulness and trust. As people search for businesses more than once and in more than one way, if your real customers see your brand name on the first page and the top repeatedly, they begin to believe your company is a “hotshot” in your market. That kind of exposure remains in the deep minds of targeted consumers and helps you create more conversions over the long run. Moreover, it can bring you more hyperlinks, aka backlinks and referrals, and other networking opportunities.


Does PPC have the calibre? What could be the ROI?

Normally, businesses earn $2 for every $1 spent.
On average, on Google Ads

Can Google PPC present a concrete return on investment? No doubt. Almost all businesses spend $1 on Google Ads and earn double. That’s delightful news—reason 1. Most businesses on the market are doing PPC very poorly (an opportunity to acquire better results!) and 2. You need only purchase ROI once. It doesn’t require future purchases or customer lifetime value (LTV). The fascinating aspect is that nothing is untrackable. It is very difficult for us to see businesses spending $1000/mo on a billboard, and they are unable to tell us a single piece of information related to how that ad spend is carried out. Google PPC can provide you with the facility to see every single click and the final result of them. You’ll be able to know your exact spending and how much you’re making at the end of it. The best thing ever is that all of them are tracked by us for you. The only work that you have to do is go through the report that we send to you every month.

Why Is Google Ads Profitable For Your Business (By The Book)

Suppose you’re a plumber and the 3-month value of a new client is $1500. Let’s say that you need to get five leads generally to get one new client.

To send 100 people to the landing page, the page should convert 5% of PPC traffic.

Those 100 surfers will cost $700 in total at a $7 per click rate. Note that you have five leads, each costing $140, and your one client, which costs $700, and you’re making $1500 on one client on average.

This campaign is surely a profitable one which is a regular phenomenon for businesses/companies we work with. Notably, your profit increases with every next visit the patients make with you.



Ready to start the PPC Traffic & Leads Faucet?

Our PPC Services

Creating and managing PPC campaigns is far more vast than just “bidding on keywords.” Here’s what our experts do for your business.


PPC Keyword Research

Whatever buyer intent keywords your exemplary customers are using, we identify all of them for you.

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PPC Scheme

After building a conventional strategy, i.e., from click to offer to conversion for your company, we seek your approval. As soon as we get it, we start building.

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PPC Campaign Layout

Inside Google Ads, almost all the works are done by us, namely campaigns, targeting, bidding, and much more. Furthermore, ads and carloads of ad variation are also planned and provided through us.

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Landing Page Outline

To send the PPC traffic to the desired place, a custom-made landing page is designed and performed. Then the page channels them and takes the targeted action.

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Split Testing (A/B Testing)

We follow your ads and the performance of the landing page. Furthermore, we create and test all the variations and make improvements constantly and instantaneously.

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Conversion Tracking

Our primary duty is to track every conversion, cost, and ROIs, and after completion, to provide reports to you each month.

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What happens with all the tech stuff

Of course, we can handle the tech stuff too. This stuff includes web design, split testing setup, content insertion, content editing, lead capture, tracking code installation, landing page buildout, checkout systems, page speed optimization, image optimization, and much more.