Website Design

Step 1: Customer Persona

A customer persona is a representation of your customer based on market research and real data from your existing customers. This is the person you are creating the products or services for.

Your website has to speak to them in a way that means something to them and makes a connection. That can only happen when you know exactly who they are and what they are looking for. Developing a buyer persona allows you to convey a more tailored message through your website. This is why we create a customer persona to remove the ambiguity from the situation.

Step 2: Content Strategy

What do your website visitors need to know that will compel them to buy your product or service? We will identify their biggest objections or concerns and create content that will win them over.

Convey the benefits of your product or service, not just features. Address any issues or objections they might have. Provide social proof and evidence of authority of business. Install a sense of urgency to take action.

Step 3: Website Design

A beautiful looking website isn’t enough. If it’s not convincing your visitors to stick around and converting them to leads, it is useless.

We will do effective research on our end to discover the perfect design and strategy you’ll need to implement to convert your visitor into paying customers. Our goal is to make your website your best salesman.

Step 4: Sales Funnel

What are all the different touchpoints your prospects go through before becoming your customer?

It starts with a group of people who may have heard of your product or service. A smaller part of that group may want to learn more, and a smaller part of that group may actually contact you. As the process goes on, you’re talking to fewer people who are more interested, until you end up with the chosen few who actually become customers.

We can increase that number by addressing their needs at each stage by conveying the right message at the right moment. We can conduct research for your company, customers and opposition to create the most streamlined procedure for the sales funnel.

Step 5: Marketing Blueprint

After we get to know where your customers hang out online and what motivates their choices. We can devise a plan to go out and find them — and drive them right to your site.

Our research will give you your best options. Hence, it will let you know your most effective path to success. In some cases, that might be considered a Search Engine Optimization campaign. In other cases, we might recommend affordable paid advertising. It depends on where your customers are in the buyer’s journey.